A downloadable game for Windows

A couch multiplayer western shooting game made for a jam.

It needs at least two persons (and one joystick - or more - which it's recommended) to play.

* Lan option added


Joystick controls:

- Move: Directionals

- Jump: A

- Drop gun: RB

- Reload: LB

- Shoot: X

Keyboard controls:

- Move: Arrow keys

- Jump: Space

- Drop gun: Right mouse click

- Reload: Middle mouse click

- Shoot: Left mouse click

All you have to do is:

- Grab the gun

- Drop your gun

- Aim at an enemy


You have 4 bullets in your round and cannot move while reload or aim. Also you have to be on the floor to perform both actions. 

It uses Monogram font, by Vinie Menezio.

Art, design, sound and programming by Adriano Sudário


bitlands.zip 27 MB
bitlands (jam version).zip 27 MB

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